The Lander Pet Connection is a very small organization of unpaid volunteers dedicated to saving the homeless and abandoned companion animals of Lander. Our operating budget is tiny and entirely donation and grant - funded. We have no governmental support in performing a job that is normally the responsibility of city or county government. We continually struggle to survive, but we love animals with a passion and are extremely fortunate to have so many supporters!

We exist because Lander has no animal shelter so stray dogs, unwanted cats, abandoned puppies, abused pets and all other homeless companion animals have nowhere to turn. Previously, stray dogs impounded by Animal Control were taken to the Wind River Vet Clinic, who was contracted and paid by the city of Lander to keep a dog for five days (there is no city provision of any kind for cats). Because any dog not retrieved by its owner or adopted within five days would be destroyed, the Lander Pet Connection was born.

Since October, 2013, neither the city of Lander nor Fremont County has been impounding animals.  This has put LPC in a compromised position but we have done our best, with the help of many area residents, to be sure that no dog is left wandering the streets.  Once a dog comes to our facility, the Lander Pet Connection steps in and picks up the full cost of boarding and feeding the animal until a home can be found. The care LPC provides includes walking, training, socializing, paying for medical treatment, spaying and neutering, feeding, networking for possible adopters, locating foster homes and advertising the animals' availability.

In October, 2011, LPC proudly opened their own facility.  This was built with many generous donations from local individuals and contractors and grants from foundations.  We started with a mortgage of $82,500; board officers believed enough in this project that they personally guaranteed this loan to secure financing.  Building this facility allowed us to increase the number of animals we save while keeping our largest expense, boarding, fixed.

We are a no-kill facility.  Once an animal is with us, s/he stays until a wonderful home has been found.

If you would like to help us, please visit our Giving and Volunteer Opportunities page.

Thank you from all of us at the Lander Pet Connection.


About the Lander Pet Connection

Lander Pet Connection Board of Directors

Deborah ellis, President
DEvon petersen, SECRETARY
Rebecca schuRg

Learn about our founder, syd miller

contact information

Physical Address:  
120 Chittim Road
Lander, WY  82520
Mailing Address:  
Lander Pet Connection
P.O. Box 854
Lander, WY  82520
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Interested in joining our team?  We hire employees to work our morning and evening kennel shifts.  Even if we aren’t hiring now, please feel free to complete an application and either email it to or mail it to PO Box 854, Lander, WY  82520.  We will keep all applications on file.

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